Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dear Hillary Letter No. 1

Dear Hillary: I have listened to a number of debates between you and Mr. Saunders, and I think we all know your positions on most things. Your criticism of Bernie is falling on deaf ears because you are so determined to get out your policy points that you're letting him get away with murder. Instead of hammering home your position, start using your debate time to ask him questions that the moderators are ignoring. He is increasingly sounding like he alone will make these changes. That he ignores the fact that all these promises he makes, unversal health care, free colleges, etc., that nine of this is possible in the current political climate. That the hard fought battle over the current health care model, which is still being undermined by the GOP, is nothing compared to the fight that would ensue in a bill for single payer health care system. How he keeps making promises he can't keep, only fanning the flames of an electorate that is sick and tired of being told they can have the moon.


Abigail said...

Did you know that you can send your message to Hillary (or, as I refer to her, Rodham) directly to the campaign? The Contact page on the official campaign Web site allows for feedback of any kind. (I know this because I have already started sending in my two cents’ worth—like “I’m a solid supporter, but when speaking to young people, you have to stop sounding like you’re their grandma complaining that they never call!”) I like that the campaign has decided to allow people to vent in whatever way they choose to vent during this high-stakes process.

Have you a new book coming out soon? Eager readers are dying to know.

Claire M. Johnson said...
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