Friday, September 19, 2008

More Politics

Yes and yes. I think he says it all, and far better than I could.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting Political

You know, my father was a doctor, and I always thought I'd make a good doctor because I'm pretty smart and compassionate, but you know that damn math sort of got in the way. I am happy to say that the recent declaration of Governor Palin, that she is ready to be president, has now emboldened me. After all, if she, as governor of one of the most sparsely populated states in the Union, and also with absolutely no foreign policy experience what so ever, can feel perfectly comfortable stepping into John McCain's shoes should he become president and become incapacitated, then why can't I just act like a doctor? After all, I've treated fairly bad cuts, reduced fever by administering aspirin, and, you know, yelled at my kids to drink their 7-up so they wouldn't get dehydrated. Hell, I could probably perform BRAIN SURGERY. WHO KNEW????????

On a more serious note, this is not about Dem versus Republican. Do I agree with John McCain's general philosophy? No, I don't. Will I vote for him. No, I won't. Do I think he is qualified to be President. Actually, yes, I do. His many years as a Senator DO qualify him to be president. I do not want him to be president, but I certainly do not quibble with his qualifications. He certainly trumps the current Commander in Chief, whose only qualifications for the job was mismanaging a bunch of oil companies and his father's political juice.

Governor Palin is not qualified. In fact, her very confidence completely disqualifies her. And I do not understand what in the hell the Republican party is doing fronting this woman as a Vice Presidential candidate. They are bus loads of people who are more qualified, who, um, actually have some experience of NATIONAL GOVERNANCE, and yet who have been passed over. What in the hell are you thinking, John?