Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twilight Zone Time

I miss the diabetic dog dreadfully. We've put down a few animals in our marriage, it's never easy, and this one was painful in the extreme. Winnie was a large lab, around 75 pounds, so her not being around leaves a big hole in the various corners of the house. My husband is still stepping over her in the morning when he reaches the bottom of the stairs and I'm getting up at god o'thirty to let her out so she doesn't piss on the rugs, except, hello? So the other night I hear her tags jingling. I mean jingling, and I'm thinking, get a grip, woman! And I hear it again a couple of nights later. I'm starting to think, hmmm, this is getting a little too Twilight Zone for comfort.

Then at dinner tonight son mentions that he's been going into the garage and playing with her dog collar so he can pretend she's walking into the room.

So I guess I'm not going crazy after all!