Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Woman's Best Friend

We put the dog down last night. She started to seizure and these seizures weren't your garden-variety, too-much-or-not-enough-glucose-induced seizures. These were brain-related. Doc thinks that she had a benign pituitary tumor that started to grow, hence the adrenal issues up the wazoo. And you guys were right. I knew it was time. I wish she could have gone out in her sleep, but she didn't. She went out frightened and in pain, which was so not the way I wanted it to happen.


Winnie: the best dog in the world

For those of you who aren't dog lovers, or those who don't get the pet thing, it's impossible to explain. When I was a kid, we always had dogs. Even though my mother was a single-parent with little to no support--like hands full!--there was always a dog in the house. Even now, she's got pockets full of dog treats on the off chance she might meet a pooch in her daily wanderings. So yeah, dogs were part of my upbringing. I could point to the dog my father got me for my tenth birthday, a present that banked him an enormous amount of brownie points for all the other times he was less than stellar as a parent. I could also point to the fact that dogs are really the most zen of creatures. They forgive all. They love without qualification. Once they choose you, you are theirs for life. You have this responsibility to keep them fed and happy. You do that and, hello, unqualified love and acceptance. The most uncomplicated relationship parameters ever.

It's been a tough road with her. So much money spent. Lately, so much time trying to keep that damn eye from dissolving. But I will not say it was for naught.

Here's hoping she's now ensconced in dog heaven, chasing balls, going on walks, and stealing food (labs--their favorite pastime).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ashland et al.

So, had my book gig in Ashland, and, WOW, what a fun weekend. In between the diabetic dog and parental units and health issues, this spring has been pretty crappy, to be honest. Four days before we are supposed to leave, dog dives into a diabetic freefall. We get her more or less stable and have to head off for book gig, leaving poor daughter with the responsibility of med-ing up the dog. Thank heavens for cell phones. We burned up the wires between Ashland and the Bay Area getting hourly dog updates.

Anyway, had a wonderful, wonderful time, mostly due to Maureen of http://www.booksandoldlace.com/. Had a packed house (!) at Bookwagon, talked about mystery, writing, state of the art (?), and had my five minutes of fame on community television interviewed by Danielle Amarotico of Standing Stone Brewery. She was as nervous as I was, which made us partners in "crime." When you're in town, look them up. I had the Indian Pale Ale, husband had the Double Indian Pale Ale, and both were very fine. They are on Oak Street, right near the theaters off of Main. And yeah, I had dessert and the bread pudding was great! In between author-related events, husband and I saw "Much Ado About Nothing" in the outdoor theater. Despite rain all weekend, no rain that night. Had doughnuts and coffee one morning in Lithia Park. Designed by John McLaren of Golden Gate Park fame, it's green and lush, with water and endless trees and I want to live there.

You know, I've never quite gelled here in this upscale suburb I live in, and I find myself always checking out other places to live. Housing prices might dictate that we stay here once the kidlet is done with high school, but I hope not. I'm not really suburb material. And I liked Ashland a lot. One of the things I can't stand about living here is that I am hogtied to my car. Always. I want to live somewhere I can walk. Plus, Ashland has roughly a bazillion independent bookstores. Seriously? On EVERY block in the downtown there is a small bookstore. I'm hooked.

Thanks, Maureen and Ed, for your wonderful hospitality; the nicest weekend I've had in ages.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reminder! EVENT!

Yes, at Bookwagon in Ashland, Oregon, on Friday, June 12 2 6:00 pm. BE THERE!