Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meg Whitman and HP and Campaign Nonsense

As I am sure it's no surprise, I did not support Meg Whitman for the California's governor race two years ago. Jerry Brown has proved to be a total delight. I would imagine that the Democratic legislature isn't too happy with him, as he seems to be running the state on a relatively no bullshit platform. He's not playing fast and loose with the numbers, hiding deficits here, and hoping that the next administration will have to deal with the financial meltdown. He is refreshing. I don't agree with him on everything, but I respect him, and that's saying a LOT in this political climate.

Anyway, my comment here will be brief. Meg Whitman said in a shareholders meeting a couple of weeks ago that it will take years for Hewlett Packard (the firm of which she is now the CEO) to come back to financial solvency. Of course, this was NOT her stance during the campaign when she claimed she would turn the finances of the State of California around in mere minutes after her election. Now maybe I'm dumb, however, I think that the issues surrounding state financing are even more complex than the issues surrounding a company like HP. And if it's going to take HP years to regroup, why would I think that Meg Whitman could wave her magic wand and that everything in the State of California would be magically fixed under her tenure? Wouldn't THAT have taken years as well? Stop lying.

This brings to mind Mr. Romney's statement in the debate last night was that within four years under his administration we will be completely energy independent, a figure that NO ONE has supported regardless of how much we drill and how fast. In fact, it has been deemed impossible given our rate of consumption. Stop lying.

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