Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shall We Blog?

As I've mentioned in the past, I have a toe in the Harry Potter fandom (and, yes, we are talking about a Galaxy Quest type of fascination and wackiness), and part of being in fandom these days is interacting with other fans. And while it can be a fantastic place to meet other like nut cases, there are hierarchies--who is more popular than whom; fandom is a lot like being back in sixth grade. Unfortunately. Just when I'm at the point when I think, oh, this is really beyond the pale, I am done, something happens, some remarkable act of kindness, and I stay. The hierarchy nonsense does bother me to no end, and what is so insidious about it is that the rules are different for different fandoms and even within subsets of cliques the rules are different. Naturally, these are unspoken rules because then it wouldn't be as much fun to exclude people when they make unintentional mistakes.

Digressing, we are. So we come to the issue of blogging. I don't get that many comments from what I write down here, and actually I'm good with that because I loathe, LOATHE, the interface here on blogger. There is no easy way to respond to people, and if Google were listening I would say to you, THIS SUCKS! I'd like more readers, naturally, but you get what you get and if I posted more and had pretty pictures, I'd have more readers. So I tell myself.

Anyway, what this post is truly about (finally, she gets to the point) is that I have stumbled across a blog of a person with whom I don't have much in common, however, said blog is well written and amusing with very pretty pictures, and while our life experiences are polar opposites, from what I can gather we are about the same age, and that often creates a type of bond that transcends a lot of the differences. And this person culls out their responses. Said person only wants responses from certain elite types from a certain strata of life. Because of trolls, all we bloggers have the option of editing which comments appear, and said blogger wants a certain look to said comments. If I were being catty I would say that said blogger cares as much about who comments and what they say as the blog itself, but let's not go there. Whatever the motivation, clearly, my comments don't rate. I find this highly amusing. Not that they aren't germane to the subject of the day, just that I'm a nobody and I have no "currency." It's just like fandom.

Of course, being the sort of pugnacious person that I am, I'm debating whether to comment on every single solitary post said blogger makes, but then that will only cause said blogger to block me. So, I'm going to be stealthy about it and only comment once in a blue moon. Keep said blogger on said toes and wondering. Should I block her or not? Is she a crank? Does she really think that I care about what she thinks? Because then you see I've won. Because then said blogger will devote much more time to thinking about the "unworthiness" of my comments than the more "worthy" comments.

Hmmm, does this sound like a sixth-grade girl? Nah. Machiavelli, perhaps.

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