Sunday, May 31, 2009

Northward Ho!

Hello! We have survived horrible, no good, very bad board meeting. We have had daughter home from college for two solid weeks. We have toiled in the garden to the point where I can actually have my mother over for tea and not be embarrassed about the state of my soil. We are cone-free, the diabetic dog having reached the point where her eye is, well, not seeing but not dying either. We are going to Ashland! Yes, as in Ashland, Oregon.

Yes, peeps, I will be appearing at Bookwagon in Ashland, on Friday, June 12th at 6:00 pm. The lovely folks there have invited me for a book event. For more information, check out

Husband and I used to go there yearly before the children. Children have a way of killing any thoughts of road trips (as if I don't spend enough time in the car as it is), however, we are so looking forward to this. Blasting rock and roll in the car as we head up Highway 5. I've appointed myself in charge of the play list, otherwise it will be five hours of Neil Young. Which. Well. No. Some Allman Brothers, Stones, sneak in some Les Dudek, and some Santana.

See you there.

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