Monday, January 19, 2009

Eyes Hit Wall

As the Bush Administration winds up its business (hallelujah!), the legal and political excesses of the last eight years will continue to haunt the Obama administration for years to come. I honestly believe that Bush and Cheney are guilty of war crimes, but have no hope that they will ever be tried in a world court. Pity that. The disgusting and abhorrent situation at Gitmo seems to be in the twilight of its existence. I see in the newspaper this morning that another detainee has been quietly let go to return home. For lack of evidence. He's been there for six years. Ho hum, gee, guess we really didn't have enough to try you. Yes, we did violate the Geneva Conventions. So?

And another gem in the newspaper this morning--I swear to god, some days its like you're reading a joke newspaper--but a judge has recently reinstated the lawsuit (that had been tossed out!) of a gentlemen suing the U.S. government because he has credible evidence that we were wired tapping him without proper authority. Remember that? When the Bush administration by-passed Congress AND the NSA and did its illegal fishing into your telephone and bank accounts?

There was so much skullduggery going on then that this was back burnered in light of the Justice Dept business of firing lawyers without cause. Their defense here? That the adminstration could not be brought to trial because they did not admit to the wire-tapping. I had never heard this before, so I laughed out loud until I realized that this WAS the defense. Excuse me? No, Judge, I cannot be tried for stealing that car because I do not ADMIT to stealing that car. Nope, can't hold me for snatching that woman's purse because I do not ADMIT to it. It's like clown college law.

I am so glad this administration is done.

And those Republican lawmakers who are jetting out of D.C. and holing up in Palm Springs to ditch the inauguration of their new President. Shame. On. You.

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Maria Lima said...

I am so glad the travesty is OVER. Looking so forward to tomorrow.