Friday, October 3, 2008

Bouchercon Here I Come

The last four months have been hellish in a number of ways. Son had major surgery, got daughter off to college--IN CANADA--near and dear relative has been in ICU for, what, three months and have been helping other near and dear relative with childcare. Oh yeah, did a lot of bookstuff because new book came out.

Anyway, am continuing this breakneck pace by flying out to Baltimore to attend Bouchercon, the BIG mystery conference. My wonderful editor, Barbara Peters, and publisher, Rob Rosenwald, are being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award this go around, so there will be a lot of Poisoned Pen authors there. It will be great to reconnect with them.

I've got a primo slot, 1:30-2:30 in the INTERNATIONAL E. The title of my panel is "APPLES, PEACHES, PUMPKIN PIE--Do our eating habits reflect our reading habits?" Claudia Bishop is our moderator, and I'm "paneling" with Judy Balzo, JoAnna Carl, Don Bruns, and Julie Hyzy.

After that I'm flying to Bejing--notice how she just tosses that off--for a work-related conference. Am getting all my plot ducks lined up for the next Mary Ryan and as I'm spending a ton of time in airports and on planes over the next two weeks, I expect I'll make a good dent in number 3.

See you in Baltimore!

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Elizabeth said...

Wish I was going to see you in Baltimore! And Beijing! Sigh. Is son recovering well from the operation? Hope that all your time traveling will be fun and give you some much-needed alone time with your wonderful self. Miss you kiddo. xoxo E