Wednesday, December 29, 2021

John Madden: 1936-2021

 I am not a football fan. At all, as in I pretty much loathe professional sports (with the exception of tennis—yes, I am a total sports snob). And yet I listened to John Madden every day on my drive to work when he had his morning show on the local radio channel. Why, you ask? Because this was a man who loved what he did. He was honest, blunt, funny as hell, and had a turn of phrase that was impossible to mimic or even mock. He LOVED football. That came through on every single show. He was that unbelievable combination of being the everyday guy and being unique. His analysis wasn’t fussy or hyperbolic, it was said in plain language that you might hear in someone’s living room on a Sunday afternoon, except you wouldn’t because your brother-in-law isn’t John Madden. I so enjoyed listening to someone who’s take on a game and life was completely bereft of any cynicism. It was about the game. Pure and simple. I can’t say I understand football any better, but I can also say that to start the day with John Madden’s humor and all around bad ass-ish-ness is nothing to sneeze at. John, God’s put together your team. Now get out on that field.

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